Directed and written by Doug Sakmann
Cinematography by Pat Homily
Music by Nick Hick & _ A Jew (of the Dead)
Cast: Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol, Kylee Kross, Spyder Jones, and Andy Straub

2006/47 mins/Color/Stereo Sorround
Full Screen/ US/English/NTSC Region 0

Review from Burning Angel DVD

The beautiful Mrs. MacFeel (Kylee Kross) calls Father Merkin (Tommy Pistol) to perform an exorcism on her hottie of a daughter, Reagan Teresa MacFeel (Joanna Angel). But he has only one choice left, now. To fuck the evil out of her and eventually do the same with her mom, who has also fallen under Satan’s power.

The gang behind RE-PENETRATOR are back with an outrageous hardcore porn parody of the horror classic THE EXORCIST. And much like RE-PENETRATOR, this is another film that is sure to offend the close minded and conservative. While, the film lacks the graphic gore of that film; it is covered in slime and vomit. Pussies, asses, and mouths spray and shoot mass doses of green goo covering the cast and the room in it. The actual FX in the film are really well done and look great.

Despite the blasphemous content it is hard to take the film seriously as it is really light-hearted and silly (well that and there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the film concerning the filmmaker’s take on the whole religious deal). In fact, the film is quite funny, and it is also really hot and sexy. The hardcore fuck scenes turn out to be really hot and nasty.

Joanna Angel continues to prove that she is one of the hottest women on God’s green Earth, despite being covered in make-up FX. Kylee Kross is just simply amazing and has a body to die for. While, Pistol proves that he is one of the coolest actors in the adult business today; as he is very funny and entertaining in his role.

Burning Angel possess our pants by presenting this film in its original fullscreen format on the first disc of this two disc set. The DVD really captures the greens and blues just the way the filmmakers wanted the film to look. The stereo sound is great and pleasant to the ear.

As far as extras go, this one is packed! Disc one features three different endings: sad- which is the regular ending, happy- which is really silly, and fucked up ending- which is really fucking awesome! While all three are really funny the sad one is the one made for the fans of THE EXORCIST.

There are also four running commentaries! The first and best of them has Joanna Angel, along with some others, including Tommy Pistol pretending to be a girl! This is one of the funniest commentaries I have ever heard. It is great to know that the lovely Kylee Kross pleases Joanna, so well. After hearing this commentary, I was left with the decision that Joanna Angel would make the perfect wife!

Commentary # 2 is Tommy Pistol and Mitch Fontane, the executive producer. This one is a little more serious in tone, but not by much. It is pretty decent, but a little slow in some parts. Commentary # 3 is director/ writer/ producer/ editor Doug Sakmann and DP Pat Homily. Like their commentary in RE-PENETRATOR this one is more serious in tone than the others on the disc. There is a nice laid-back feel to it, and there are some really interesting moments mentioned here like how they ignored all the legal problems the film faced! Finally, the fourth commentary by Cock Kent, “porn expert”, and Big Tasty, is one of the worst commentaries my ears have ever suffered through. Skip this one!

Disc 2 continues the coolness with a great documentary that is broken up into twenty-eight chapters. Called “Into the Behind”, this is an in-depth look at the making of the movie. It starts with Joanna, looking ever so cute, as she gets her head cast by the make-up FX department. The docu is never, ever boring. It is always fun and cool, and because of the nature of how low budget the shoot was, really informative. There are some great and memorable moments like Joanna puking for real (!) and Tommy being in pain after his balls get hit to hard by projectile vomit. I also loved seeing them shoot the Kylee and Joanna photo shoot, as well, as the fact that the end was shot on the stairs, where the original horror masterpiece was made.

“Scoring the Film” shows the guys working on the film’s music and sound FX. But the best part is seeing the lovely Samantha Astolfi doing Reagan’s voice over. It is also nice to seem them work on the film’s theme: “Tubular Balls” (yes, that is it’s title, I ain’t making this shit up!). It all manages to shows that a lot of work went making the movie.

“Script Rehearsal and Script Readings” is a fun segment that features the three leads reading their lines. The girls look so cute in this feature! And, it is also cool to hear some of the lines that got cut out of the film.

“Tommy Pistol: Uncensored” has a cute reporter interviewing the star. Though, the audio is a little hard to hear there are still some interesting facts revealed like how he knew Doug from Troma and about his first scene. In all, Tommy comes off as a cool dude. There is also a photo gallery set to some really silly pop music that actually has some really funny pics as well as some pretty hot ones!

There are also trailers for: RE-PENETRATOR, CUM ON MY TATOO, CUM ON MY TATOO 2, and web ads for the Burning Angel girls: the gorgeous Dana Dearmond and the very cute Pixie Pearl. The Dana ad is particularly hot!

The two-disc set comes in a regularly sized keep-case. There is no inlet card what-so-ever, but the cover is pretty damn cool! The movie, itself, is broken up into 12 chapters, which are actually not assessable form the menu.





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