Directed by Michael Raven
Written by Jennifer Alison and Michael Raven
Cast: Kaylani Lei, Mikayla Mendez, Stormy Daniels, Annabelle Lee, Jenny Hendrix, Roxy DeVille, Scarlett Fay, Sophia Santi, Tori Black

2008/106 Mins/Color/Dolby Digital Surround
1.85:1 anamorphic/English/US/NTSC Region 0

Review from Wicked Pictures DVD

Five young friends are off to an annual festival in the desert. They pick up a couple named Baby and Otis (the lovely Stormy Daniels and Derrick Pierce), who are also going the same way. Unbeknownst to them they are vampire slayers. And, the town where they are all going to is crawling with vampire/ werewolf hybrids that kill and hunt all in site. Can they survive?

Michael Raven co-wrote, edited, and directed this enjoyable porn/ horror hybrid. Raven clearly plays tribute the horror films of the 80s, and that is exactly what the film feels like. Expect that, this one just happens to have hardcore sex. Nonetheless, said sex scenes are short and rather tame; as they are made for a couple’s audience. In fact, I would say that the film works better as a horror film that as a porno. That said, both scenes involving the exquisitely beautiful Kaylani Lei, as lead character June, are very sexy and hot.

The movie is beautifully shot and highly stylish. There is some great cinematography of the huge desert and a nice use of colors. Raven also does a fine job in the editing department. Adding to the quality of the film is the fact that the acting is actually pretty solid. The female cast is quite impressive and ravishing. Sophia Santi, formerly Penthouse Pet Natalia Cruz, maybe given little to work with, like the rest of the villains, but she does manage to come off as menacing and extremely sexy. She also happens to have an amazing God-given chest. Meanwhile, Kaylain Lei is great in her role, and she just happens to also be my favorite babe in this film. She too has a beautiful natural body and looks sexy throughout the movie.

THE WICKED actually builds to an exciting climax. The vampire effects look really cool, and the action scenes are well handled. There is even some blood and gore, which is actually fairly rare in porn, thrown in with a headshot and a ripped out hear. In all THE WICKED is a real fun adult/ vampire film that is definitely worth a look.

THE WICKED bites into our DVD players thanks to Wicked Pictures. Presented in anamorphic 16:9, the picture looks great. The colors are sharp, and the flesh tones look excellent. The Dolby Digital Surround sound is flawless, with bass that will blow your speakers away.

The two disc set is packed with extras, all of which are on the second disc. “Blood and Lust: The Making of Michael Raven’s The Wicked” is a fun, entertaining, and interesting behind the scenes featurette. What’s really cool about it is that this is chance for us to see him direct. “Girls of the Wicked” shows sexy, softcore shoots with the beautiful cast. By the end of watching this, I was ready to make multiple marriage proposals to many of the babes from the movie. 

Another extra feature I greatly enjoyed was the interview with Michael Raven. In it, he talks about his inspiration for the movie and about the film, itself. It is really awesome to see that he is a fellow a horror fan (although the style of the movie made that pretty clear). It’s all very informative, and he comes off as a pretty cool guy. I’d love to have a beer with this dude sometime!

There are also some amusing bloopers and cool outtakes. “SFX Reel” has Raven talking about some CGI FX in the film, in this very intriguing, albeit short extra. There are also extended sex scenes between Stormy Daniels and Derrick Pierce and another one between pretty Jenny Hendrix and Rocco Reed. Then, there are two bonus sex scenes. One is from THE ACCIDENTAL HOOKER and it has Kaylani Lei with Deep Throat (no, not the character form THE X-FILES!) and Mikayla Mendez and Scott Styles from SE7EN DEADLY SINS.

In “The Cast Speaks” a couple of the female cast are interviewed. I found Tori Black’s admission of a nipple fetish to be truly fascinating! Also fascinating is Sophia Santi, her aforementioned tits, and her talking about said tits! In fact, she comes off as sexy and cool as hell. This leads me to conclude that we should start to clone Miss. Santi, as soon as humanly possible!

It is also packed with galleries. Each of the female stars gets their own photo and star gallery. And, there is also a sex scene gallery, which is pretty self-explanatory. Plus, we get star stats on Wicked contract goddesses Kaylani Lei, Stormy Daniels, and Mikayla Mendez. Finally there is a Wicked Promo reel and a digital copy of the film.

Both discs come in a regular sized keep-case. Over the keep-case is a very cool cardboard slip-on cover which features raised splattered blood. The slipcase opens up in the front to reveal a wicked (pun not intended) cool picture of the vampires on the left flap and Kaylani Lei being sexually taken by three vampires in an image coming out of the fire on the right flap. The actual keep-case cover is reversible and one can choose between PG rated pics or XXX rated ones that are featured in the back.

The chapters are assessable from an impressive looking menu that even has blood dripping and moving around/ I personally love this menu and think it is one of the best looking menus I have seen this year. At the start up of the movie there are trailers for RACE 2 RACE and THE LAST ROSE. While, disc two has trailers to the movie, itself, as well as: FALLEN, COCKSTAR, TWO, PREDATOR 2: THE RETURN, THE ACCIDENTAL HOOKER, THE ORACLE, and BOUND (no, not the Gina Gershon lesbo flick). This all amounts to a fucking killer release.





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