Directed by Various
Written by Various
Cast: Robert Stack

2004/360 mins/Color/5.1 Dolby Digital
Full Screen/English/US/NTSC Region 1

Review from the First Look DVD

If there was one tv serie that for years I didn't want to miss it was UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. I've always been fascinated by infamous crimes, serial killers, unsolved cases and while I don't believe in paranomal and psychics it always intrigued me. When I first heard about UNSOLVED MYSTERIES making its way on DVD I wanted mine! First look has released three box set containing each four disc and around 360 minutes for each set! An impressive package indeed! I got my hands on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: BIZARRE MURDERS and UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: PSYCHICS, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: STRANGE LEGENDS is also getting release.

For 12 years, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES played on either NBC or CBS and its easy to see why. Well written, interesting and always making us guess on what's happening on the tv screen the shows covered everything from UFO's, serial killers, ghosts, miracles, bizarre murders and psychic power. Host Robert Stack added an even more serious look and tone to the show, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES was the best show of its genre.

Each DVD are presented in their original 4:3 Full Screen ratio, the quality of the image depends on which years the episode actually aired. Still the colors are nicely saturated, no compression were noticed but a little grain is evident every now and then. The 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track is loud and clear but I can say that this kind of tv show would have been nice even just in Dolby Surround, still its great to see First Look making it the best way possible. There are audio commentaries from selected episodes which gives us even more informations about the stories. Each disc comes in a keep case and comes in a separated keep case. A must for fans of true crimes and strange phenomenons.





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