Directed and written by David Scmoeller
Produced by Irwin Yablans and Bruce Cohn Curtis
Cinematography by Mac Ahlberg
Music by Lalo Schfrin
Cast: Morgan Fairchild, Michael Sarrazin, Vince Edwards, and Andrew Stevens

1982/104 Mins/Color/Mono
2.35:1 anamorphic/English/US/NTSC Region 1

Review from the Anchor Bay DVD

Jamie Douglas (Morgan Fairchild) is a successful and beautiful TV anchorwoman, in L.A. But, she has an obsessed admirer in photographer Derek (Andrew Stevens). He follows her around and, even, breaks into her house. When she spurns his advances his actions become increasingly psychotic and deadly. She soon must find a way to deal with this psychopath.

HELL NIGHT producers Irwin Yablans (who also was one of the producers on John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN) and Bruce Cohen Curtis bring us this thriller from writer/ director David (PUPPET MASTER) Schmoller. He and cinematographer Mac Ahlberg make this a beautiful film to look at. It’s a stylish looking with some truly gorgeous lighting.

While, the movie is a bit on the cheesy side, it is very suspenseful and entertaining. The whole stalking storyline is quite ahead of it’s time; as in 1982 very little if anything was said of this real life horror. There are some nice little bits of violence throw-in and a really great climax, as well.

Fairchild, who has some truly beautiful eyes, has never looked hotter than in this movie. She is also frequently nude and reveals to us a very perky pair of tits. What is most amazing about her, in this movie, is that no matter what happens to her, be it a shower, fight, or blood splattering on her, she always manages to keep her hair nice and glamorous! Perhaps, this is actually a Pantene commercial in disguise. Her acting is a bit soap operish, but Stevens, on the other hand, gives a damn, good performance as the whacked-out antagonist.

THE SEDUCTION seduces us on DVD thanks to the fine folks at Anchor Bay. The movie is presented in an enhanced widescreen presentation of 2.35:1. It is an amazing looking transfer with some nice flesh tones and rich blacks. Despite the age of the film there are no pops or scratches on it. The mono sound is good and loud.

There are some nice extras on this DVD. “Remembering the Seduction” has some the cast and crew. While, I wish the leads were present for this; it is still great to hear them reminisce about the movie. “The Seduction and the Law” is an informative piece on modern law and stalking. “Remembering the Location and the Production” has producer Bruce Cohen Curtis and location manager Charles Newirth have a long and interesting talk about the house and the sets.

There is also a running commentary with the director and the producers. It is a laid back talk where they cover many things, including their admiration for the look of the film. And, that Fairchild was made to look glamorous, on purpose, throughout the entire film.

There are trailers for the film, itself, as well as horror titles released by Anchor Bay. Those being: BABY BLOOD, SUPERSTITION (which looks cheesy as hell and bad, which means I need to see it, or maybe not…), THE WICKER MAN, and NEAR DARK. The single disc comes in a keep case, with a great looking cover. Inside it comes with an inlet card that lists the sixteen chapters on one side and on the other is a reproduction of the poster art for the movie.





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