Directed by J.P. Simon
Produced by J.P. Simon, Jose A. Escriva & Francesca De Laurentiis
Cast: Michael Garfield, Kim Terry, Philip Machale & Alicia Moro

1987/90 mins/Color/Mono
1.85:1 anamorphic/English/US/NTSC Region 1

Review from the Anchor Bay DVD

From the director of the cult "classic" PIECES, comes a "new" terror. While not as "good" as his previous efforts, SLUGS remains a very enjoyable film from Juan Piquer Simon. Turn you brain off and enjoy.

A small town (where there seem to be only idiots living in) are having problems with flesh eating mutant slugs! Yep, i told you to turn your brain off. The cast is awful an deserves to get kill since they are a poor excuse for some gory scenes. This is another must own for all fans of so-bad-its-good movie. As an exemple, during one scene two naked teens are making love alone in a room, two seconds later there's about a million slugs in the room... i guess they're turbo slugs or something?! Believe it or not but this is actually an adaptation of a best seller novel from British autor Shaun Hutson! Unfortunately i've been told that there's a few cuts to the version on this DVD.

Anchor Bay has done another great job with this DVD. Presented in a very nice 1.85:1 letterbox format , 16x9 optimized, the image is crisp and clear. There's no signs of compressions or artifacts. A nice transfer. The audio is available in mono only but sounds very good. As for the extras, we only get a funny theatrical trailer. The menus contains music and some animation.

It's great to see the attention Anchor Bay are giving even to those lesser known "classics". The film is separated in 25 chapters. It comes in the usual Anchor Bay keep case (what no tin treatment fot this one?!) and we get a cool 4 pages booklet.

Thanks to Anchor Bay





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