Directed, written, and produced by David Quitmeyer
Cinematography by Chris Spoto
Music by Peter Gorritz
Cast: Caroline Pierce and Robert William

2005/90 Mins/Color/Stereo Surround
1.33:1 Full Screen/English/US/NTSC Region 0

Review from Steel Web Studios DVD

Mike (Robert William) is a porn fan, who just can’t get enough of it. One day, he walks into a porn shop and notices a mag that has a beautiful woman named Andromeda Strange (real life porn goddess Caroline Pierce) on the cover. Intrigued by the prospect of her supposedly extremely hardcore movies, he orders one of them. When, the disc arrives, he pops it in. What it contains, though, is a mix of erotica and graphic violence: masturbation, self-mutilation, blood drinking, cannibalism, murder, fucking, sucking, etc, and each scene is more shocking and horrific than the last. Nonetheless, he watches it excessively, and it soon begins to haunt his real life.

While porn with horror themes is nothing new, it is rare that they actually include graphic violence. This film, though, fits in the later category and happily so. The scenes involving Pierce are very erotic and very bloody. She is a gorgeous woman, and she exudes sexuality, even when partaking in eating one of her victims! She also happens to have an absolutely amazing ass. The graphic sex is sure to have fellow goth babe lovers reaching for the Kleenex. One complaint, though, the lesbian scene is too short!

The gore FX are convincing and graphic enough. Although, I must say that my fav effect is the glow-in-the dark make-up that Pierce wears at the end of the film. Overall, the film is mostly entertaining. Mixing jerk-off material with splatter ain’t easy, but this movie, er, pulls it off (pun intended), quite nicely!

The movie is shot much like a music video; which mostly works but sometimes is sort of annoying. It is also marred though by the acting, as everyone, other than Pierce, is terrible! The aforementioned ending is not bad, but has a sort of at “that’s it?” feeling to it.

SLAUGHTER DISC cums on DVD thanks to Steel Web Studios. The picture is presented in its original full screen aspect ratio. The image quality is good overall but nothing special. The sound, though, is really nice, with the music coming off loud and clear.

There are a couple of cool special features. There is a behind the scenes featurette that has some really interesting bits and pieces, including interviews with the director, cast, and crew. Plus, it serves to remind us just how hot Pierce is. That I needed to be reminded!

Also included are some outtakes. A couple of them are really funny, with best ones revolving around the lead guy jacking-off. The photo gallery has more stuff behind the scenes, as well as some sexy promo pics of Pierce as Strange. But most fascinating of all is “The Curse of Slaughter Disc” which has a list of weird but real shit that happened during the film of the movie. Some of what happened was pretty fucked-up! The teaser trailer is, also, included. But that’s not all! There are also some Easter eggs in the special features. I found three of them. I don’t think there are anymore, but hey, I could be wrong.

The disc comes in a keep case with no inlet card. But, the twenty-four chapters are accessible from the awesome menu screening. Pierce, in character, actually talks to the camera on the menu!





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