Directed & Written by Don Mancini
Cinematography by Vernon Layton
Puppetmaster & fx by Tony Gardner
Music by Pino Donaggio
Cast: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters, Billy Boyd & Brad Dourif

2004/88 mins/Color/DTS
1.85:1 anamorphic/English/US/NTSC Region1

Review from the Universal DVD

Guess who's back?! After getting killed in BRIDE OF CHUCKY, everyone's favorite "Good Guy" doll, Chucky himself is returning... this time with a whole family! As you all know, by the end of the last movie Tiffany was pregnant. Well in SEED OF CHUCKY we are introduced to the very weird looking orphan called Shitface, imagine a Chucky doll but in a Tim Burton flick. He has a tick British accent (voiced by LORD OF THE RING's Billy Boyd), doesn't know his parents and works in a freak show. One day while watching the telly he sees that in Hollywood a movie is being made about the serial killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany. Right there, Shitface recognize his parents, escape and make his way to the city of dream. Soon enough, Shitfacce finds them and bring them back to life... murders and mayhem ensues.

Seven years after the successful BRIDE OF CHUCKY directed by Ronny Yu (FREDDY VS. JASON), CHILD'S PLAY creator Don Mancini took the directing chair but shouldn't. While Mancini created the whole thing he simply doesn't have it as a director, SEED OF CHUCKY feels empty and unnecessary. Beside the Glen/Glenda thing, nothing here is new, interesting or as a matter of fact entertaining. The movie feels like Mancini wrote a few jokes and then tried to make a 90 minutes with it, filling it with uninteresting moments. Redman should go back home and leave the movie business, the guy can't act. Jennifer Tilly is always good on the eyes but here's she doing a parody of herself and becomes more annoying then anything. Infamous director John Waters is given little to do and the whole Britney Spears gag is not even funny. The CHILD'S PLAY serie has never been a favorite of mine, and this one won't change anything for me, sorry.

Universal released SEED OF CHUKY in two versions, the Unrated and Fully Extended cut it reviewed here. I can't tell you the difference since I haven't seen the theatrical cut but this one is actually pretty bloody whenever a murder happens. Image wise, Universal is presenting the movie in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio and it is anamorphic. Like most of their releases, this disc features an amazing transfer. The colors are sharp, crisp, clear and very colorful. There is no compression, artifacts or defects of any kind. We get two very good audio tracks, one in Dolby Digital 5.1 while the other is DTS. Both are loud, clear and make good use of directional effects. The DVD also includes subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.

We get two interesting commentary tracks that fans of the movie will surely appreciate. The first one is with writer/director Don Mancini and star Jennifer Tilly while the second one with Mancini and puppet master/fx creator Tony Gardner. "Chucky's Insider Facts on Demand" gives us over 150 facts about the movie while watching it. This was first done in THE MATRIX DVD a few years ago with the white bunny. "Slashed Scene" is a deleted scene with optional commentary by Mancini and star Debbie Carrington. "Heeeere's Chucky" is a two minutes interview with Chucky who makes fun of other movie. In "Family Hell-Iday Slideshow" we follow the whole puppet family on vacation through photos. "Conceiving Seed of Chucky" takes a look at the previous movies in the serie and this one (19 minutes). We also get the Jennifer Tilly segment that appeared on the Tonight Show, the Fuzion up close with the Seed of Chucky stars, storyboards to final film comparaison, teaser trailer, theatrical trailer, cast and crew bios and trailers for UNLEASHED and ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. The movie is separated in 22 chapters, features cool animated menus, comes in a keep case with a promotional inlay card for other Universal releases.





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