Directed & Written by Doug Saxman
Cinematography by Pat Homely
Music by various punk rock bands
Cast: Tommy Pistol & Joanna Angel

2005/20 mins/Color/2.0 Dolby Digital
Full Screen/English/NTSC Region 1

Review from the Spin the Bottle DVD

A horny, mad scientist (Tommy Pistol) has a serum that can re-animate the dead. He injects it into the twat of a hot dead chick (Joanna Angel). Said living dead babe comes to life, and they fuck. So, is the plot of this mix of hardcore porn and splatter.

A porno parody of my favorite film of all time, RE-ANIMATOR, RE-PENETRATOR is a fun, over the top short film sure to offend the close minded or mentally conservative. The film mixes graphic sex and gore. Three scenes are of particular interest to gorehounds: a bloody blow-job, blood spraying pussy eating, and the super bloody, kick ass finale.

The movie is meant to be campy and fun, and it certainly is. The sex scene is hot, and in no small part thanks to the absolutely ravishing Ms. Angel, who, even as a member of the living dead, exudes sexuality. She is, quite simply put, one of the hottest, sexiest, and most beautiful women around. The gore effects are quite good, pretty realistic, and very graphic.

Spin the Bottle has presented the film in its original full screen aspect ratio. The picture is good, with some nice greens, brilliant, blood-red splatter, and strong blacks. The soundtrack is loud and raucous with a wild punk rock mix that is way better than the boring, generic music that porn usually likes to bury itself in.

The disc includes two versions of the film. One is the complete 20 minute long director’s cut. The other is an alternate version of the film that is only 10 min long. Said version still has all the graphic sex and gore, only the film gets cut down to it’s bare minimum and was used as a screening version of it.

In the extra feature department the disc comes with RE-EXAMINATION a behind-the-scenes set of interviews, with actors, Pistol and Angel and writer/ director/ make-up man Doug Saxman. They all come off as cool, and they discuss where the idea came from (no shocker here, Saxman is a horror fan since he was a kid) working on the film and some other cool tidbits. There are two audio commentaries. The first and best one is Pistol and Angel, both of whom have funny stories of working with the gore and, well, fucking on film! Meanwhile, the second one has Saxman and DP Pat Homely, taking a far more traditional talk on the making of the film, discussing the effects and such. From Saxman, we learn, that this is his first time making a porno. There are also trailers for other Spin the Bottle/ Burning Angels films, including RE-PENETRATOR’s own silly, but cute trailer, PUNK ROCK HOLOCAUST (the director’s own slasher film staring various punk rockers), and BURNINGANGEL.COM THE MOVIE, and STRIP FOR PAIN (actually an event trailer, not a film one). The movie is separated into 10 chapters and comes in a keep case with an inlay card that has advertising for Burning Angel films (not the actual chapters).





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