Directed & Written by Jake West
Produced by Jake West & Robert Mercer
Phototography by James Solan
Music by Richard Wells
Cast: Eileen Daly, Christopher Adamson, Jonathan Coote, Grahame Wood & David Warbeck

1998/101 mins/Color/2.0 DD
1.85:1/English/UK/NTSC Region 1

Review from the A-Pix DVD

"I bet you think you know all about vampires but, believe me, you know fuck all", well that's what Lilith Silver (Eileen Daly) says at least. The vampire movies have always been here but in recent years we had more than enough of them. RAZOR BLADE SMILE takes another twist at this vampire frenzy. This time we fellow the story of Lilith Silver, a 150 years old vampire known as the killer for hire, the Angel of Death. With her guns, blade, fangs and boobs, Lilith Silver is one hella of a babe.

This time her mission is to kill members of an organized sect who believe in supernatural but there's more to it than meet the eyes. One cop is part of this sect and will do whatever it takes to find the Angel of Death. And to make things worse, the man at the top of this sect is none other than Sethane Blake, the vampire responsable for turning Lilith into a vamp! In her off time she hangs out at a goth bar where vampires wannabes discuss what they think of the vampire way of life without knowing that Litith is one herself.

This is Eileen Daly "big break" from Redemption poster girl to actress. Jake West delivers one good looking fast paced flick. There are lots of scenes in which the color blue and/or red are in evidence making it beautiful to watch and really stylish in some parts. The late David Warbeck also has a small role playing a coroner known as 'the last horror film man'. The cool credits scene reminded me a lot of a James Bond movie.

A-Pix DVD is good but could have been much better especially since it wear the mention of "Special Edition" on the cover. The film is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio and looks very good. The darker scenes are sometimes a little grainy but nothing alarming. There is no signs of compression or artifacts. The 2.0 Dolby Surround soundtrack is good but nothing spectacular making it overall a nice transfer. The film is separated in 26 chapters. The menus are nice looking and there's some animation when you change of menu.

As for the extras we get an article from the Femme Fatales magazine, five trailers including one from KILLER TONGUE and a horrormovies.com preview. The DVD comes in a keep case and we get an inlay card with the chapters stop on one side and some other releases from A-Pix on the other.

Unfortunately A-Pix called it quit before they released KILLER TONGUE on DVD. It is unknown if the DVD was ever pressed but while the film ain't good at all, it does features one of the hottest woman alive, Melinda Clark. RAZOR BLADE SMILE has also been released on DVD in the UK but i haven't seen this edition. By the way, this DVD is out of print.





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