Directed by Jackie Chan
Written by Edward Tang
Cinematography by Cheung Yiu Joe
Music by Evin Bassinson
Cast: Jackie Chan, Nridgette Lin, Maggie Cheung

1985/100 mins/Color/ Dolby Digital 5.1
2.45:1 anamorphic/Cantonese/Hong Kong/NTSC Region 1

Review from Dragon Dynasty/ Weinstein Company

Officer Ka Kui (Jackie Chan) is assigned to protect a drug kingpin’s secretary for the prosecution. Things go wrong, she gets away, and soon Kui is framed for murder. He needs to find the girl in order to bring down the scumbags and clear his name.

Considered by many to be one of Jackie’s finest films, this classic is also one of the 80s best martial arts films. The film is fun and features some amazing action. The humor is definitely present, but it also knows when to be serious. Nonetheless, when it is funny, it delivers some really good laughs.

In the action department, this one more than delivers the goods. From the exciting opening shoot-out to the vicious fight in the mall, this film fucking kills. Those who are only familiar with Jackie’s American films will be surprised at how bad ass and violent the climax in the mall is. The fight scenes are wonderfully choreographed and rousing in its wild, over-the-top content. Chan whoops some major ass and breaks enough glass in the mall to be banned from life from any shopping facility. The stunts are amazing and jaw dropping. Chan’s slide down the store lights is unforgettable.

The cast is great too, from the villain to the supporting cast, all shine. This may also be one of Chan’s roles, if not, in fact his best. The fact that he also directed it only further makes this an amazing feat.

This DVD kicks our ass curtsey of Dragon Dynasty a new DVD division of the Weinstein Company, which is dedicated to release the greatest martial arts films ever. This one certainly rates as one of those. The picture is a bit faded and soft but features no artifacting. The blacks, though, are nice and rich. The sound, in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, is pumping and ass kicking and sure to get you in the mood to whoop some ass of your own.

In the extras department, this one has a couple of cool stuff. The “Rare Extended and Deleted Scenes” is interesting to get to see them, although, some are really quick shots, that just got sliced. The extended opening is better off shortened, as it appeared in the film, I think.

“A Conversation with Director and Star Jackie Chan” is also of interest, and even shocking, as we learn that some almost died during the filming of the movie! In the end this is a really awesome interview, which is my favorite features on the disc. “A Tribute to Jackie Chan by Brett Ratner and Bey Logan” gives Jackie and the film its well deserved kudos. “Stunts Unlimited: A Retrospective with the Members of the Celebrated Jackie Chan Stunt Team” is a rather in depth and cool talk with crew from Chan’s stunt team. They all seem to have rather fond memories of working on the film and with Chan in general.

Finally, the disc also features a rather intriguing running commentary with Bey Logan, an expert on Asian films, and RUSH HOUR 1 & 2 director Brett Ratner. Logan is certainly the expert as he knows a shitload of trivia that will have fans very interested in hearing. Brett Ratner, meanwhile, admits to having used many of the scenes from POLICE STORY for his own RUSH HOUR films. In effect, admitting he ripped off those films for his own movies.

Trailers in the disc include the film’s own Hong Kong trailer as well as the promotional one for this US DVD release. It also has a trailer for KILL ZONE.

The disc comes in a keep case with a small inlet card that serves as an ad for KILL ZONE. The cool, active menu breaks the film into 17 chapters.





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