Directed by Jörg Buttgereit
Written by Jörg Buttgereit & Frank Rodenkirchen
Produced by Manfred O. Jelinski
Photography by Uwe Bohner
Music by John Boy Walton, Hermann Koop & Daktari Lorenz Cast: Daktari Lorenz, Beatrice M., Harald Lundt & Suza Kohlstedt

1987/75 mins/Color/Mono
Full Screen/German/Germany/NTSC Region 1

Review from the Barrel Entertainment DVD

Jörg Buttgereit's NEKROMANTIK was shoot back in 1987 on Super 8mm. NEKROMANTIK is basically a beautiful sick love story. Rob (superbly played by Jörg friend, Daktari Lorenz, who did most of the shocking fx) works for JSA, his job is to clean the scenes where accidents happened. We soon discover that Rob and his girlfriend Betty (played by Beatrice M.) have a thing for the dead. One day, Rob brings home one very decomposed corpse. The couple then "make love" to it with the superb musical score playing in the background making it almost romantic! In my opinion, NEKROMANTIK's musical score is one of the best ever! It ranks right up there will the soundtracks of SUSPIRIA, JAWS and STAR WARS.

From there things start going wrong for Rob. He lose his job, his girlfriend then decide to leave him... but she takes the corpse with her leaving Rob with nothing... well there's always the cat he brought her as a present... Rob's life then will go from worse to worse until finding salvation and happiness through a very sharp knife.

It's with great pleasure to all horror fans that Jörg Buttgereit's NEKROMANTIK finds it's way on the DVD format. This DVD boost a great transfer. The film never looked this good! Since it was filmed in Super 8mm and later blown to 16mm and 35mm, the film is presented in a Full Screen format. The transfer was mastered from producer Manfred Jelinski's 16mm inter-negative. We can watch the film in it's original German language or with removable English subtitles which are way easier to read then the previous versions, plus more of it is translanted this time! The audio, while in mono, is loud and responsive and sounds great! There's a cool commentary track with Jörg and co-author Franz Rodenkirchen.

Other extras includes; Jörg short film HORROR HEAVEN, outtakes and interviews with the crew and cast of NEKROMANTIK, A Making of the film, a huge still gallerry of well over 100 photos, trailers to NEKROMANTIK 1 and 2, DER TODESKING and SCHRAMM. The DVD comes in a very nice red keep case. The film is separated in 24 chapters. The menu's presentation is awesome! There's animation and music on it! There's a very nice 4 page booklet. Really cool stuff.

NEKROMANTIK was also released on DVD in Japan years ago.

Here's some cool interesting infos about the making of this superb DVD; several facilities denied Barrel Entertainment service based on the content of the film, the film went through 2 transfer houses, 3 or 4 authoring facilities and 1 elderly German translator who quit his job after viewing the film! Here's some informations on Barrel Entertainment:

Barrel Entertainment
P.O. Box 182035 Shelby TWP., MI 48318
Phone: 810-323-1999
Fax: 810-323-3024

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