Directed & Written by Joe Giannone
Produced by Gary Sales
Cinematography by James Lemmo
Music by Stephen Horelick
Cast: Alexis Dubin, Tony Fish, Harriet Bass, Seth Jones, Paul Ehlers & Gaylen Ross

1981/88 mins/Color/Dolby Digital Mono
1.85:1/English/US/NTSC Region 1

Review from the Anchor Bay DVD

Years ago, an evil local farmer brutally butchered his familly. There is a rumour that if you call out the name "Madman Marz" in the woods, he will return and axe you.

Well like most horror movies of the 1980s, there's an annoying teen actually doing what he just been told not too. "Hey, Madman Marz!" he yells out. We'll soon enough, one by one they die by the axe of the disfigured crazy madman.

For some reasons I still don't understand how this movie actually has fans. For me, MADMAN is nothing more then a rather lame attempt at cashing in at the FRIDAY THE 13TH craze. Apart from the well known head under the car hood scene, most killings sequences are rather disapointing. All of the characters do the most unintelligent thing. Are people really that stupid? Another complain I have is that for a summer camp they have about 6 counsellors for 5 kids... kinda ridiculous. Oh but its for gifted kids... yeah right.

The ending leaves it open for a sequel which thankfully we never got. Still its cool to see that Gaylen Ross of DAWN OF THE DEAD and CREEPSHOW is in this one.

MADMAN murder his way into DVD thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment. The movie is presented in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio but it isn't anamorphic. The image looks good but nothing spectacular here. The movie takes place mostly during night and the image suffers from lots of grain. We get a Dolby Digital Mono English track which does the job. This ain't no home theater showcase material but still a nice presentation from Anchor Bay. This has to best the best edition ever of the movie.

As for the extras, we get a commentary track with director/writer Joe Giannone, producer Gary Sales and actors Paul Ehlers an Tony Fish. There's a few quiet moments during the commentary but it is still interesting. This is certainly the best way to learn all about the movie. We also get a theatrical trailer and five tv spots. The menus features animated menus with music, 18 chapters stops, comes in a keep case with an interesting 4 pages booklet.

Joe Bob Briggs said " One of the all-time drive-in movie classics!" Well I think not!





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