Created by Rhode Montijo & Aubrey Ankrum
Cast: Cuddles, Flakey, Disco Bear, Nutty, Petunia, Giggles, Handy, Shifty, Cub, Pop, Flippy, The Mole, Lifty, Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles & Splendid

2002/Various running time/Color/LPCM
1.33:1/English/US/NTSC Region 1

Review from the StudioWorks DVD

Appropriately "rated" CV for Cartoon Violence, the HAPPY TREE FRIENDS is without a doubt of the coolest and goriest new animation show out there. Ever wonder how it would be if a cute little bunny or an adorable looking squirrel would end up massacred in the most graphic, detailed and bloody way. Then your prayers have been answered. Volume #1 features fourtheen short clips, each about a minute and a half of pure mayhem with our beloved little critters getting disembowled, tortured, burned, mutilated, eaten alive and going through other joyful moments in their precious little life.

For a project made initially for the internet, these animated shorts looks very good. The image is great, with beautiful satured colors. In the audio department we get a surprisingly loud and aggresive LPCM track. I have absolutely no complain to make about the transfer for this disc. Each menus are personalised with a different little critter in what looks like a toy packaging, don't do anything and something will happen. There's a shitload of extras here like a never before seen episode, storyboards to episode comparisons, tons of original sketches and character designs with comments from the creators, "Banjo Frenzy" which was the very first HTF episode, a look at the characters, the "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya" episode gets the VH-1 Pop-up video treatment, four Tamagochi-like "Smoochies" interactive games and commentary track for all the episodes. The disc comes in a neat transparent keep case, there's no booklet or inlay card but the back of the cover features more informations.

This is a great dvd for a kick ass and funny new animated show. Hopefully, Volume #2 isn't too far away. Now if only i could get the annoying theme song out of my head!





This Film Features:

Review by Kim Dubuisson. All Right Reserved. 2003. ©

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