Directed and written by Bill Hellfire
Cinematography by Joey Smack
Cast: Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, AJ Khan, Katie Jordan, Zoe (credited as Cherry Moonshine) Moonshine, Dean Paul

2006/83 mins/Color/Dolby Digital 2.0
Full Screen/English/US/NTSC Region 1

Review from EI/ Seduction Cinema DVD

Made as a sequel to SILK STOCKING STRANGLER (a film I never saw and am in no rush to do so), this softcore erotic thriller tells the tale of Olivia (Misty Mundae), a beautiful hooker, whose pimp Claudio (Dean Paul) likes to watch her fuck other chicks and then strangle them. She hooks up with a girl named Melody (AJ Kahn). She convinces her to do a show for Claudio, but eventually Olivia flips out and strangles her for real. Meanwhile her roommate, Alice (Julian Wells) is off with her lover (the lovely Cherry Moonshine). Alice is worried about Melody. Will, Alice fall to victim to the seductive abilities of Olivia? And what about that other psycho Claudio, what will he do?

Quite frankly this film manages to be alternately stupid, boring, sexy, and hot. The acting is definitely not that great, but then again you ain’t seen this for the acting right? Well, the problem is you really won’t give a flying fuck what happens to anyone in this film. All you will wanna do is fast forward to the lesbian scenes, of which there are many, thankfully. The actresses are all gorgeous and frequently nude, with Moonshine, being my personal favorite. It is also nice to see to see another favorite of mine, Ruby LaRocca in a little cameo, in the film’s only hetero scene. At these times the movie does get hot and all, but once it’s over you will stop giving a shit all over again. It all leads to an insufferably bad ending; that will make you wonder why you even tried to pay attention to the characters or the story, at all.

The movie throws in some violence and blood, a true rarity in the stuff that Seduction Cinema puts out. There is also an attempt at making this film in a serious vain, again something these films are not known for. But as I said, it hard to get involved, when nothing at all makes you care about anything other than hot, naked lesbians. My recommendation is that you are better off going for some Vivid all-girl movie, if you are in the mood, for some hot lesbian action. If you wanna see these girls in particular naked and rug-munching, there are countless better Seduction films out there, like DR. JEKYLL AND MISTRESS HYDE or LUST FOR DRACULA, just skip this one, unless you feel you must see every movie with hot lesbians out there.

FLESH FOR OLIVIA licks its way into DVD courtesy of EI/ Seduction Cinema. The picture quality is good, with some nice, bright colors. The sound is also great with the pulsating music coming out quite nicely.

The only extra is the trailer for the movie, itself, as well, as a shitload of other trailers for other Seduction Cinema and Shock-O-Rama titles.

The movie comes in a keep case that has a booklet that while having no chapter listings; it does have nice sexy, nude stills of the cast. And, in the back of the booklet is an ad for different movies featuring the always lovely Misty Mundae. The cover to the DVD is really sexy and eye catching and seems to promise a sleazy, erotic film. Too bad the film doesn’t deliver on all on all accounts. The disc, itself, it broken into twelve chapters, and the menu is static.





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