Directed by Roman Nowicki
Music by Frank Cossak
Cast: Eliza Borecka, Katarzyna Zelnik, Magda Szymborska & Andrej Jass

1998/90 mins/Color/Dolby Stereo
Various Ratios/Polish/Poland/NTSC Region 0

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Review from the Teraz Films DVD

Sex, nudity, and violence sells - it is a proven fact. With the digital age, anyone can make a film, in an attempt to cash in. Teraz Films, did just this, creating an "Extreme Erotic Horror" movie trilogy, titled the FANTOM KILER films, filmed secretly in a UK warehouse with the guise of them being made in Poland. The director filmed in the underground and recruited actors, as well as porn stars from Poland, later dubbing the entire film in Polish. Obviously not certified by the BBFC, if this film were made and released in Britian, there would no doubt be Police involvement and the film would be held under the Obscene Publications Act. From the cover, FANTOM KILER looks to simply be of the Horror/Porn variety, but does it deliver the goods in the brutality department, as certain magazines have boasted, as well as proclaiming this to be a resurgence of the Giallo subgenre?

FANTOM KILER opens with a longwinded credit sequence, containing footage through quick edits from various parts of the film with background music, much like a television show's intro. When the director decides enough time has passed, the film actually starts with a grim shot of a female's naked corpse, decorated with cuts and bruises. She lays motionless in a pile of leaves as two police officers discuss their findings.

Cut to a train station where two half-witted cleaners stand off in the background, obviously not doing their job as they discuss the passing women, and visualize what they would look like in the buff. These sequences are of course pointless filler, but who could complain about seeing assorted attractive porn stars unclothed. What better filler than gratuitous nudity right? These scenes of these two pathetic chaps continue at various stages of the film, much of their conversations being hilarious, if not lame. Both are blatant losers, and while overlooking one smokin' hot redhead they exchange dialog "Tell me, would you bother giving her one?" asks the guy with the fake mustache. "Only if she was begging for it. Her type I can pick up anywhere." proudly replies the other.

In between sequences at the train station different women are seen lost in the fog filled woods, attempting to avoid their demise from the mysterious fedora/trench coat wearing killer who has been offing prostitutes in the area, leaving them bludgeoned and naked in the forest. One woman wanders, endlessly (and I mean endlessly) lost through this wooded area, delving deeper and deeper while coming across disrobing obstacles. She gets tangled in tree branches that tear her shirt, so she decides to take it off of course. And while continuing onward topless, she comes across a barbed wire fence. But don't worry, her skirt stays intact, because due to quick thinking on our disoriented lasses part, she quickly takes it off, and crosses through the fence unscarred. Unscarred for now, but once the FANTOM KILER gets hold of her, she is fondled and stabbed to death.

FANTOM KILER is filled with so many outlandish situations that you can't help but wonder what goes through the actresses minds while performing these outrageous scenes. An attractive female hails a cab (driven by none other than the FANTOM KILER) and when entering the cab she sees his face is covered with a white cloth, but with a little chitchat thinks nothing more about it. A while later the cab breaks down, and when the driver needs the woman's pantyhose to fix the fan belt she is quick to oblige, taking off her daisy duke shorts too boot. Next thing we know she is completely naked adding to any pervertís fantasies. "Where are your clothes?" the driver asks? "I seem to have lost them." replies the naked shameless female (who I might add is the hottest of the women in the flick). "That's very careless. I have some overalls in the trunk. The mosquitoes will be biting your beautiful breasts. And your tender ass." the killer finally adds before an extreme asshole close-up of this girl and an attempt to rip her a new one, with a mallet and chisel.

With wooden spoons and mops up some bums, as well as some female genital, and throat slashing, this film could have excessive perverted potential. Even though these misogynistic masochistic scenes sound vicious, they don't come across with their full potential as being extremely sick and unsettling. This is mainly due to the quick editing and lack of knife penetration shots, with simple blood splatters, or blood dripping down a woman's bare chest. The idea is there, but ultimately does not evoke disturbance (in a jaded gentleman like myself anyway). This film is the definitive pervert's fantasy, with pointless situations, and bad acting -- the outcome being naked women. Other than a midnight masturbation session, this film does not deliver in the Horror department.

Teraz Films presents FANTOM KILER in varied aspect ratios. The film at times is 1:33.1 pan & scan, while other times in different aspect ratios of widescreen. It contains English subtitles which are irremovable. They are hard to read at times, and if the film is viewed on a television screen, rather than a monitor, then expect TV cut off to affect your ability to read the subtitles. The film is shot DV and gives off some grain as expected with this format. Use of film fleck filters and good lighting are used often making the movie look like it was shot on film. The picture isn't crisp and fantastic, like many new DVD releases, but it does showcase some nice colors and shadows, with vibrant red and blue filters, nodding at Giallo films. The audio is presented in Dolby Stereo and is crisp and clear. The sound effects, dialog and music stay at the same volume throughout the film, and is just fine the way it is. Kudos should go to Frank Cossak for his original music for the film. For a DV movie of this nature the score is surprisingly very well done.

Sparse on substance and content, so is the supplemental material for this disc. The disc contains a trailer for each of the FANTOM KILER films, as well as a fast paced Slide Show of behind the scenes shots and some screen caps from the film -- all with the aid of background music. In all honesty the trailers are better than the film itself, since I can't see any other reason to watch them other than mindless nudity. I do however like the DVD art, and at least this independent flick contains a DVD insert.

FANTOM KILER is not a good Horror film. However, FANTOM KILER is a very perverse "Erotic Horror" film delivering the goods as far as (soft) pornography is concerned. If you are looking for attractive nude females for a fast-forward late night wankfest, then this is the film for you. If you are looking for a brutal Giallo type slasher film on the other hand, then stay clear of it. The only thing Giallo about this film is the killer from BLOOD AND BLACK LACE as the main star.





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