Directed by Duncan Gibbons
Written by Duncan Gibbons & Yale Udoff
Cinematography by Alan Hume, BSC
Music by Philippe Sarde
Cast: Gregory Hines, Renee Soutendijk, and Kevin McCarthy

1991/100 mins/Color/Stereo Surround Sound
1.33:1 Full Screen/English/NTSC Region 1

Review from MGM DVD

Eve VIII (Renee Soutendijk) is a cyborg made in the image of her creator Dr. Eve. She carries not only her creator’s gorgeous looks, but also her memories and life experiences, and she can bleed like a human. She also happens to be a perfect killing machine. But alas, during a botched bank robbery, she gets shot and goes bonkers. She soon begins to act upon her creator’s latent inhibitions, including those of the sexual and violent variety. Soon there after, a terrorism expert, named Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines), is called in to stop her. Problem is, aside from being horny and psychotic; the sexy bot is carrying a nuclear device that gets activated during a car crash! Doh! Now, McQuade has to find her and kill the unstoppable robo-babe before she goes ka-bloowie and takes a whole city with her.

I have always liked this TERMINATOR rip-off, and think it is one of the best clones of Cameron’s classic around. It is certainly not perfect, but it does have its appeal. Hines is horribly miscast as an anti-terrorist, and manages to deliver some stuff that is both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Ms. Soutendijk is very sexy as the leather clad robot and the lovely, but conservative doc. She is actually a very talented actress, but alas, she may well be too good for this film. Still she does show her boobs, and has great legs, so who’s bitching?

The film also delivers on the gore department with gunshots, a headshot, neck snapping, and other forms of mayhem, but the most memorable is one penis chomping scene sure to make many a dude cower in pain! Director/ co-writer Gibbons also keeps things moving at a breakneck pace, never making the film boring, and thus keeps you from noticing just how silly it really is. It all leads to a very rousing, suspenseful, and violent climatic chase through New York City that is sure to get the blood flowing.

Sadly, MGM has given this underrated film a really shitty DVD release. The film, itself, looks decent enough. It has some nice crisp colors but with some artifacting. But, the real problem here is the fact that the film is presented in its full screen version. And, since I doubt that MGM will ever rerelease this one in widescreen, it really does really suck fucking ass. Still, on the bright side the sound is presented in good, dynamic stereo surround sound. And, well, it is really cheaply priced.

The DVD is also barebones featuring only the movie’s cool trailer as an extra. The disc comes in a keep case, with a really crappy looking cover, that has no inlay card at all.





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