2009/105 Mins/Color/Mono
1.78:1 anamorphic/English/Various/NTSC Region 0

Review from Synapse Films DVD

This is the fourth and latest installment in this popular series of DVDs that collect B and exploitation movie trailers. There is a mix of horror, action, and bad comedies that round out the proceedings. They are grouped together by similar themes or genres.

First and foremost, I sadly have never seen any of the other installments in this series, but I seriously need to! In the beginning, the disc is fun and silly, as the horror and exploitation stuff is crazy and sometimes quite funny! Up until this point this is the perfect thing to throw in and have some beers with friends. A couple of these trailers are truly amazing! Some of my personal favorite trailers included in here are: YOR: THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE, TENDER FLESH (aka WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH), NEW YEAR’S EVIL, THE JEZEBELS (aka SWITCHBLADE SISTERS), and IT CAME WITHOUT WARNING. You will also find trailers to: SCHZOID, HUMONGOUS, CAN I DO IT…’TILL I NEED GLASSES?, WALKING TALL PART 2, THE SOLDIER, GOLDENGIRL, and a ton more.

They simply do not make trailers like this nowadays. Some of this stuff somehow got a PG rating, with one (LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK) even getting a G-rating! A couple of the trailers have some nice nudity, of particular interest, to me, was seeing the lovely Meg Foster, of THEY LIVE and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fame, nude in TENDER FLESH. Unfortunately, the second half of the DVD is not as good. Most of the non-horror or non-exploitation trailers are a chore to sit through. But, they do feature some major stars in them, and for that reason they are interesting to see.

Synapse releases 42ND STREET FOREVER VOLUME 4 on DVD in an anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen presentation. The picture quality is obviously not the best and it varies from trailer to trailer, based on age and print damage. The mono sound is good but has its flaws. But, these factors are to be expected and do not deter from the enjoyment of the disc.

The running commentary on this disc is simply great! It features Fangoria managing editor Michael Gingold, film historian Chris Poggiali, and AVManiacs editor Edwin Samuelson. They make for a funny and informative discussion. And, they even manage to redeem the more boring trailers. I simply loved listening to them. The only other extra included are some TV spots. None of the films features in this section are included in the trailers, with the exception of BLACKOUT. That said these are pretty cool, just wish we have gotten more TV spots from the films included.

The keep case comes with a single disc. The cover to it is pretty cool, as are the menus, where each trailer gets its own chapter. There is no inlet card to name them, but it does come with a card that advertises the other installments in this series.





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