Directed by Yoshihiro Hoshino
Written by Hirotoshi Kobayashi and Yoshihiro Hoshino
Cinematography by Takashi Suga
Music by Kuniyuki
Cast: Hiroko Sato, Susmu Terashima, Kyoko Akiba

2004/80 Mins/Color/Stereo Surround
1.78:1 anamorphic/Japanese/Japan/NTSC Region 1

Review from Tokyo Shock/ Media Blasters DVD

Pretty Nao Shingaki (Hiroko Sato) works at a convenience store, where very weird and creepy things occur. It is run by a really strange and clearly crazy couple. Meanwhile, a beautiful, young woman has come to do inventory as the store has been bought by a major chain store. But, soon things begin to get scarier and more dangerous for those who work their and shop there.

The beginning of this movie is awesome! It starts off with a bang, in a scene, that while ripping-off a similar moment in FINAL DESTINATION, still packs a wallop. After that, the pace slows down, but director/ co-writer Yoshihiro Hoshino keeps things really creepy, intriguing, and weird throughout the duration of the film. There are some moments that are almost surreal in their strangeness and help to set it apart from other J-horror ghost films.

The acting is solid, with the couple being particularly freaky and unnerving. I really liked their performances, as I did the acting of the two, attractive female leads. The decent enough ending helps to deliver one final shock before the credits roll. By the way, this film should not be confused with the horrible Wes Craven werewolf film of the same name, as this movie is infinitely better than that piece of wolf shit.

CURSED haunts DVD players courtesy of Tokyo Shock. The stereo sound is excellent. It has a very punching, reverberating affect to it that adds to the creepiness of the proceedings. The sound FX come off as dynamic and haunting. Meanwhile, the picture is also excellent with lively colors and thick, rich blacks. The subtitles are clear and easy to read.

Sadly there are no extras other than the film’s trailer, as well as trailers for MANTANGO, ONE MISSED CALL, MYSTERIANS, and JAPANESE HELL. The disc comes in a keep case but has no inlet card.





This Film Features:

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