Directed and Written by Steve Grasse
Produced by Jeff Wolfe
Edited by Gabe Imlay
Cinematography by Rhet Bear
Starring: Heather-Victoria Ray, Barbara Dimateo, Corrine Thompson, Nyla Hodge, Betty San Luis, Heather McDonnell, Pete Grasse & Larry McGearty

2000/Color/Various Running Mins/2.0 Dolby Surround
Various Aspect Ratio/English/US

Review from the G-Mart DVD

"Freeze Mother Fuckers!"

Girls, guns, high heels, action and comedy makes the Bikini Bandits the next big thing. The much hyped Internet short films, that you can find over at the Atom Films web site where over 10 million downloads already took place, features hot naughty bikini wearing gun holding chicks wreaking avock at your local G-Mart. Steve Grasse delivers every guys onscreen wet dream. Superbly filmed on 35mm with high contrast and vivid colors, no one can't help but love watching a group of real-life strippers running around in G-strings with semi-automatics in their hands.

Before we can finally get a look at the much anticipated full feature film, i highly recommend everyone to get this DVD. All five short films, each running around 5 minutes, are in the DVD along with some cool extras. The image quality is simply stunning. There is no signs of compression or artifacts, skin tones are well rendered. Cinematographer Rhet Bear surely had a blast shooting these great looking films. In the audio department we get a kick ass 2.0 Dolby Surround track with a pounding bass and high quality mix. The menus looks good and features animations and music. There is no booklet or inlay card. This is a great DVD that you will find yourself watching again and again.

Episode #7
Even though the title reads "Episode #7", this is the first short film. We are introduced to the Bikini Bandits driving around and changing themselves in their car. They are heading to the G-Mart for some free stuff. "Look at 'em hooters!" says the old lady and she couldn't be more right. The Bikini Bandits leader, played by Heather-Victoria Ray, is one amazing looking babe. The Bandits takes the store clerk with them for some partying but he later finds himself more in trouble the anything else.

The Magic Lamp
In this sequel we find the Bandits stranded in the desert, they find a G-Mart where they get a magic lamp and are granted one wish... knowning the Bandits i guess you can find what they wish for!

Go Dutch
This time the Bandits need to lay low for some time and what a better place for that then Pennsylvania's Amish community. I guess you can see much of the jokes already.

The Time Machine
The Bandits travel back in time to 18th century Philadelphia where they seduce and party with George Washington and Ben Franklin! This episode also features two hot lesbian scenes!

Under the Big Top
In this episode which was filmed on "gay acid" finds the Bandits squaring off against a rival gang of homosexual clowns lead by Homo the gay clown in what as to be the most colorful episode yet!

In the extras department there are bios on the cast and crew, a small description of what is Gyro exactly and lots of behind the scenes videos. First is the making of Bikini Bandits Episode #7 which is exactly what it claims to be. Director Steve Grasse and his brother Pete talks about the whole concept. We get to see some of the audition videos from the girls who wanted to be a Bandits. We are taken on a tour through the actual G-Mart store. In "Living Large and Baring It All" we are following the Bikini Bandits in the streets, shopping, playing golf and fooling around. "Bikini Bandits do America" features some onstage mayhem as the Bandits goes "political" and finally there's more behind the scenes footage to be found in well, "Behind the Scenes".

While you're at it, don't forget to visit G-Mart online at where you can get yourself some t-shirts, videos and more! So who's my fav Bikini Bandits, well there's no doubt that Heather-Victoria Ray is the hottest of the gang with Heather McDonnell right behind her... no wonder i loved their intimate scenes in The Time Machine episode! Now i want the full feature movie and i want it now!





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