Directed and written by Oswaldo De Oliveira
Cinematography by Oswaldo De Oliveira
Music by Estudios Galante
Cast: Maria Stella Splendore, Marta Anderson, Nadia Destro

1980/95 mins/Color/Mono
1.66:1 Anamorphic/English/Brazil/NTSC Region 1

Review from Blue Underground DVD

A sexy but cruel warden, with a penchant for sapphic lovemaking, runs a woman’s prison in Brazil where beatings, water torture, white slavery, and lesbianism are at the call of the day. Three, young beauties plan their escape from this hellhole.

Oswaldo (AMAZON JAIL) De Oliveria’s, who pulls in triple duty as director, writer, and cameraman (!), WIP (women in prison) sleazefest maybe low on plot, but it is high on everything else. I love WIP films, and I think this one ranks as one of the best I have ever seen. It is certainly one of the sexiest and most righteously exploitative. First off, just about every female, from the guards to the inmates, in the cast is gorgeous and frequently, fully nude. There is an amazing amount of full frontal nudity (both female and male), lesbian sex, and even some hetero sex, as well. The film is mostly softcore, though some surprising moments of explicit, hardcore action do occur. There is enough heat in this one to put most of the direct to video, so-called erotic filth out there to shame. This fucker will definitely get arise out of you, so keep those tissues handy!

For the most part the rampant nudity and rug munching, with some torture and beat-downs throw-in for good measure, dominate the film. In fact, the horrific stuff does not occur until the last 20 minutes or so, as gunshots, murder, and graphic, cringe inducing castration are thrown in to further stir up the pot.

Sure the dubbing and dialogue are horrible, but it only adds to fun. This manages to add some laughs to whole proceeding, and some of the best humor comes from one sexy blonde, lesbo, nympho nurse (so, why can’t all nurse be like this?), who has a thing from the hottest of the three lovely, bad babes who plot their escape. The ending is a bit of a let down and may make you say, “Gee that’s it?” But the rest of it is so good, that no fan of WIPs can go on without seeing this one.

You can thank Blue Underground for unleashing this perversion-fest on DVD. It is presented in its original 1.66:1 aspect ratio. The picture has some nice bright colors, though, at a few points, it is a little too over exposed and soft. But for the most part it looks great. The sound, although mono, is certainly nice, loud, and clear. It would have been great to get the original Brazilian language with English subtitles, but don’t let this be a reason not to get this one.

The only extra on this X-rated extravagangsa is the trailer. The disc is broken up into twenty-three chapters, accessible through the active menu, which also has the score in the background. There is a soft cardboard slip-cover on the keep case. Its cover is rather cool, and the inside is transparent; which is nice, because the back of the cover has the chapter listings. Meanwhile, it also comes packaged with the 2006 catalog of the company’s releases, up until the printing of it.





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Review by Giovanni Deldio. All Right Reserved. 2006. ©

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