Directed by Tanit Jitnukul
Written by Ghost Gypsy
Cinematography by Tanai Nimchareonpong & Thaya Nimchareonpong
Cast: Supaksork Chaimongkon, Arisa Will, Somchai Satuthum, Krongthong Rachatawan, Tin Settachoke

2004/95 mins/Color/Dolby Digital Surround 5.1
1.85:1 anamorphic/Thai/Thailand/NTSC Region 1

Review from Tokyo Shock/ Media Blasters DVD

A beautiful, young woman named Boom (Supakson Chaimongkol) is the pregnant mistress of a married millionaire. He tells her that she should abort the child, but she refuses. She ends up losing the baby, in a freak accident, and soon extracts revenge through black magic with the help of a witch doctor. He and his whole family die, but another woman, his secret mistress and her family, take the inheritance. She begins to do the same to them as she seduces one of her sons into being her husband. And, then uses black magic on them, too, taking them out one by one. Meanwhile, a superstitious reporter begins to put things together, as he investigates the deaths.

ART OF THE DEVIL is a Thai horror film, that while it may not break any new ground, is highly enjoyable. It moves at a brisk pace and manages to keep the viewer thoroughly entertained throughout the film’s running time. It is easy to, at least at first, cheer for Boom, because, quite frankly, he lover is a total, fucking asshole. You want him to die horribly. The thing is once she includes the rest of his family in her vengeance; she becomes the film’s clear cut villain. She is also extremely hot looking and her sexy dancing is a highlight of the film. Sadly, she does not bear any nude skin, and neither does the rest of the cast. But, along with the lovely Arisa Will, as the daughter of the man’s other family, provide some very nice eye-candy.

The film also succeeds because of its gruesome content. Immolation, impalement, barfing up razor blades, and other fun stuff are present. The black magic rituals are pretty shocking and horrific, especially the use of corpses. They are far more nightmarish that the typical voodoo scene in an American film.

ART OF DEVIL casts its dark spell on us, thanks to Tokyo Shock/ Media Blasters DVD. It is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio in anamorphic widescreen. The film can be heard in Dolby Digital Surround sound, but unfortunately this means seeing it a horribly dubbed version. For a far better appreciation of the film see it in its original Thai language in stereo sound. Either way the sound, itself, comes out quite nicely, but I’ll leave it to you decide how you wanna experience the film. The picture is fine and has no real problems to discuss.

There is not much in the form of extras, though. “Making of Art of the Devil” is, what seems to be, a TV special about the film. There are some good interviews with the director and the film’s three, pretty, lead actresses. It is interesting to hear them discuss that they do, in fact, believe in black magic. In all, it is an entertaining piece.

Beyond that, the only other things featured on the disc are trailers to: CURSED, KIREI, THE SISTERS, ONE MISSED CALL, and, the film, itself. It comes in a keep case, which also includes a Fall 2005 Media Blasters coming soon catalog. Unfortunately, it does not have an inlet card that lists the twelve chapters that the disc is broken up into. Those chapters can be accessed through a static menu that has the film’s score playing in the background.





This Film Features:

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