Directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi
Written by Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi
Cinematography by Claudio Cirillo, Antonio Climati & Benito Frattari
Music by Riz Ortolani
Cast: Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi

1971/139 mins/Color/Dolby Digital Mono
2.35:1 anamorphic/Italian/Italy/NTSC Region 0

Review from the Blue Underground DVD

In this sensationalistic, shocking, titillating and sure to make you angry pseudo documentary, two adventurous filmmakers go back in time to film the slave trades from Africa to what would become the United States.

After been declared murderers and racist with AFRICA ADDIO, directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi released the ultimate movie about slavery. Make no doubt about it, while some might see ADDIO ZIO TOM as pure and simple exploitation it is much more then that. This is mostly a truthful look at the atrocities, madness and sickness that happened not that long ago. Most of the dialogues are from actual letters and historic documents of time which makes the movie even more interesting and informative.

Sadly, slavery has always been part of human history. The first known act of slavery are from 10,000 B.C. It is a known fact that slavery has had a major role in the economic development of the United States. Slaves helped build the roads upon which they were transported. The cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane harvested by slaves became important exports for the USA and the Caribbean countries.

The movie takes a look at the race relations in the United States between the whites and the blacks. The movie also features comments from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Leroi Jones and Nat Turner. ADDIO ZIO TOM has so many shocking moments that I will let you discover them for yourself.

Once again, Blue Underground did it again. This is the first the movie is getting a DVD or video release in North America. It originaly got a very limited theatrical release in New York but was soon pulled out by its backers. This film was filmed in my native country of Haiti with the complete cooperation of tyrant Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. Supposedly, most of the naked slaves portrayed in the film were played by Davalier's sadistic guards known as Les Ton Ton Macoutes.

Previously released as part of Blue Underground's amazing The Mondo Cane Collection box set, this edition features the longer 136 minutes Director's Cut. It was also release as part of Shockumentaries Vol 2 Limited Edition 3 disc set. The cut American version which features the trailer, behind-the-scenes still gallery, poster and still gallery and 8mm behind-the-scenes footage with audio commentary by production manager Giampolo Lomi was available in the box set which is not OOP (out of print).

ADDIO ZIO TOM is presented in it's original 2.35:1 aspect ratio and it is anamorphic. The image looks just as great as if it would have been made today. There is some grains but no artifacts or compression. Like most Italian productions at the time, this looks amazing and features stunning cinematography. The Dolby Digital Mono Italian track is crisp and clear. Riz Ortolani's amazingly effective musical score really shines an d gives the movie an even weirder atmosphere. Optional English subtitles are available. The movie is separated in 28 chapters, comes in a smaller keep case and features animated menus.

"300 years of hate explode today!"






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